Digital First Media

Backstory and Requirements

Digital First Media owns over 800 websites and apps throughout the United States. We were given the task to coordinate usability testing on some of the websites. By increasing outside interest in the tests, we were able to build a company-wide User Testing Program. The program influenced a shift in company culture as many teams are now integrating user-centric design principles into their workflow.

The Stakeholder Interview

All testing began by having a conversation with the teams involved to obtain a thorough understanding of the project requirements and questions or problems that they have encountered. This information was used to determine subject matter for testing along with the type of test to conduct. After the test, we meet with the team again to compare the goals of the test with the outcomes and determine any actionable items or areas that require further testing.

Types of Testing

Building a well-rounded testing program requires the ability to work with stakeholders to identify the questions that they are trying to answer through testing. By understanding the overall project goals, we can determine the type of test that will yield useful data. Some of the test types we have conducted include Moderated Usability Testing, Competitor Analysis, Prototype Testing, Card Sorting, Tree Testing, and Clickmap Analysis.