Our Team
Our team has decades of UI/UX design experience and we offer a wide range of digital development services. We bring to life new ideas everyday to help make your company shine online.

Sharna Aeckerle

With 14 years in the industry, Sharna has expansive visual digital media experience. From early interactive CD-ROMs in the late 90's, to the rise of Flash, and now responsive and mobile site development; she enjoys the challenge of learning new technologies and refining her design skills.

Derek Gesin

With experience as a user experience (UX) designer, web designer, and user researcher, Derek is an expert at working with clients, their customers, and the development team to discover new ways to use technology to grow their business.

Joe Jackson

Joe is an innovative artist who builds online brands. With almost 20 years of creative innovation and exploration in the digital medium, Joe held on to what he felt is important – creative freedom, quality of work and curiosity.


Jonathan Boho

With 14 years experience in digital and graphic design, Jon brings to the team his expertise as a problem solver and visual thinker. Jon meets each new design challenge with a user-first approach.

Travis Curl

Growing up in San Diego, Travis had a passion for surfing the ocean and the internet. He became fascinated with the Web and made it his mission to create better websites and build amazing online experiences.