Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Backstory and Requirements

The Mobile Development team at Digital First Media asked us to conduct testing on a new app design that replaced the existing news apps for Digital First Media properties. They asked that we test the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin app on all three platforms, since it had already been released. Primary areas they were interested in testing included navigation, ability to recognize site branding, and overall impression of the app.

Test Process

We conducted various test sessions where participants were recruited based on the phone platform they currently use to make sure that they were familiar with either an iPhone or Android device. When testing on mobile devices, we use a mobile test sled that allows us to record the device screen, along with any gestures the participant makes. We also point a webcam at the participant in order to record any facial expressions. As with all testing, we stream the test online via web conferencing so that team members or the client can view remotely.

Observations and Outcomes

Participants commented that there were too many items in the navigation menu, making it difficult to find specific content. This led the Mobile Team to create a nested menu structure with well organized menu items. We also conducted a card sorting test on the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin to help organize their information architecture.