Our Process

It's all about how you do it.


Our process always begins by learning our client’s business. Our intake specialists will work with you and your team members to develop an understanding of the problems you face when trying to reach users and the processes that you are currently using to overcome them. This allows us to find ways to utilize your website or application as a tool to help your client base grow. We then conduct an audience and competitor analysis to identify your users’ needs and how others are succeeding, and failing to meet them.

Design and Test

These are the ying and yang of our business. We believe in placing your product in front of users as often as possible during the development life-cycle in order to gain effective feedback. Doing so allows us to sculpt the product as we go, rather than making costly changes after production. In the end, you have a website or application that is 100% built to satisfy your users.

Release and Revisit

Simply releasing a site to the public does not mark the end of our process. We want to make sure that your company feels comfortable in its new digital home. We will work with your digital team to thoroughly train them on the website or application. Our hope is that our solution will stay with you for years to come, but the reality is that you will most likely need to make changes over time. We work hard to create clean, easy-to-understand code that’s easy for other developers to understand. This way, as your company grows, your site can, too.